Mercury (Hydrargyrum ’Hg’) comes from the Greek word hydrargyros meaning ‘water silver’ (As fluid as water and as shining as silver) after the Roman god Mercury who possesses swift momentum and grace (kinesis). It is found in deposits typically as cinnabar (mercuric sulfide).... Read More


Shivling: An epitome of Lord Shiva It is impossible find a Hindu family oblivious to the worship of Shiva. Lord Shiva is one of the chief dieties worshipped by saints, sages, households, merchants and sudras since ages. Shiva lingam epitomizes all-powerful Lord Shiva Himself. As per the ancient Vedic scriptures and Puranas, Shivling is an emblem of creation, knowledge, truth and celestial pleasure called Brahmanda. It is in charge of mystical powers that takes the mind, the body, the heart and the Soul out of material absorption. Chakra Yog offers a wide assortment of the most authentic Shivlings made of different semi-precious stones and brass.

Different Avatar of Shivlings

Narmada Shivlings are acquired from the River Narmada, one of divinest rivers of India. She has been worshipped and considered as the most sacred of since the ancient ages. These shivlings are have been given a very unique shape, size and attractive colour. Worshipping Narmada shivling eliminates negativity and invites happiness, prosperity and energy-boosting cosmic energies.

Ruby shivling embodies Sun and grants wearer with creativity, sparkle, wisdom and cheerfulness in life. Ruby also helps in restoring disorders associated with blood circulation. We at Chakra Yog givrd single ruby lingams in brass, copper or silver base yoni.

Cat’s Eye shivling is made of unadulterated Cat’s Eye gemstone which is the stone of Ketu planet. It blesses unexpected wealth, good luck and professional growth. Cat’s Eye shivling attracts good luck, prosperity and stability. Chakra Yog offers Shivlings as single lingam in Cat’s Eye (without yoni base). We offer Cat’s Eye lingam in brass yoni base with the five-headed snake hood. Brass shivlings are stunningly crafted and carved with amazing artistic works by our skilled artisans. Brass itself signifies goodness and eliminates negativity. It becomes very auspicious when Narmada lingam is kept on the brass yoni base with the five-headed snake hood.

Amethyst shivling is very auspicious and discharges high level frequency once it is kept at a place. Amethyst is a stone for spirituality and divine serenity. It unblocks Sahasrara chakra and helps you reach supreme consciousness. Amethyst shivlings fill the place with divinity, peace and cleanses the surrounding. We also recommend Amethyst lingams kept on the brass or silver base yoni. This combination is considered as the consecrated union of celestial powers.

Sphatik Shivling with the Yoni base denotes the auspicious union of Lord Shiva and Maa Shakti (Goddess Parvati). Sphatik is regarded as one of the most auspicious gemstones in existence since ages. It unblocks all the blocked chakras and revitalizes your energy level. It is believed that praying to Sphatik shivling offers equal benefits of praying to Jyotirlingas. Sphatik shiv lingam even without yoni base is similarly valued. Chakra Yog offers Sphatik lingams in various sizes made using genuine and pure crystal.


Chakra Yog offers the most authentic, exquisitely crafted and genuine shivlings across the world and has been in existence for the last fifteen years never failing in quality or delivery issues. The handcraft work of highly skilled artisans has exclusive quality of creativity and longevity. We are an ISO certified organization with the largest distribution network spread across the world.