Desktop Yantras

Yantra are mystic diagrams used by people for positive vibrations and fulfillment of a specific aim. Customarily Yantra have been placed near the deities in temples at the altar and at the entrances of homes or worn in the form of a tabeez close to throat or on arms. In the southern parts of India, people draw Yantra on the floor... Read More

Desktop Yantras

Desktop Yantras: Myster Powers at Your Desk

Chakra Yog offers stunningly designed mystic desktop yantras that have sacred geometries representing Vedic mantras. Experts at Chakra Yog energize these yantras with their seed mantras of respective deities. You can keep keep these yantras in right direction at desks. Gift your dear ones these amazingly crafted desktop yantras that will surely lead them along the path to success at their professional as well personal level.


Different types of Yantra for Desktop and Table

Planetary Yantras: Planetary Yantras pacify hostile effects of any planet and make certain that this yantras are energized and enhances the buyer.

Shiv Yantra: Shiv Yantra blesses one with immense energy and guards one against any fatal diseases.

Lakshmi and Kubera Yantra: If you run into financial issues, then Lakshmi and Kubera Yantra is the cure. It will bless you with wealth and a prosperous life.

Protection Yantras: Protection yantras protects you from diabolical energies, black magic and accidents and assure you with safety.

Knowledge Yantras: Knowledge yantras blesses copious and right knowledge. It helps you concentrate on and win your academic and educational goals.

Success Yantras: Success is the entity every one of us hankers after. But wouldn’t it be great if success comes on its own to you? Success yantras makes a way to hundreds of opportunities for to succeed. Ganesh Yantras: Ganesh Yantras remove all difficulties and troubles which hold you back from achieving your goals.

Love Health and success Yantras: - Love Health and success Yantras will fulfill your innermost desires for finding a suitable life partner and success in general. At Chakra Yog, all of these yantras are energized as per Vedic injunctions by our experts. They are not mere pieces of mysticism; they are energized with cosmic energies through Vedic mantras and rituals performed under the supervision of authorized priests.