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At Chakra Yog, we help you correct Vastu defects with a wide range of Vastu related products, spiritual accessories and mystic items. If you seek to have your home energized with positive energies, you may use Chakra Energisers products that are based on the philosophy of Five Elements nature namely, Earth, Water, Fire, Sky and Wind. We have a wide range of Chakra energiser products such as Saraswati Yantras, Guru Yantras, Saraswati Idols, Wall Hangings and Artefacts that energize Sky element of your home and make it positively charged. These influential Yantras set all the Vastu defects right as well as open energy blockages. The Chakra Energiser yantras are etched on metal, bhojpatra or earthy surfaces. The mystic geometrical patterns imprinted on these yantras emit a certain cosmic energies that amplify your chants, mantras, prayers, thoughts and mental concentration. Signs of Vasu defects are: recurrent obstacles, disharmony, ill health or losses.

A residence should be built on the principles of Vastu Shastra so that the residents lead a peaceful life. If the construction of a house is not in line with the principles of Vastu, the house is said to be inflicted with Vastu dosha. A Vastu dosh can be nullified by making changes in the rooms, with the help of proper interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some positively charged objects. Every Vastu dosh can be corrected with a prescribed remedy and if done properly, the domestic and professional life returns to being full of joy, peace and prosperities.

At Rudraksha Ratna, we have different Vastu energizers serving an array of purposes. If you want to set your personal as well as professional life in line with better future prospects, better you used these energizers as they help one attain name, fame and success. They keep at bay all the negative energies that negatively impact your health and work place.