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Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy solution for healing and health.

Specially designed powerful kit to boost your immunity. It is thoughtfully assembled using healing benefits of Rudraksha, Yantra, pyramid, dhoop sticks, oil and gemstone to build resistance power within by building mental power and internal defence mechanism of the body. It provides protection from diseases and negative energies and makes a must have kit especially during the time of an epidemic.

Kit contents:

Healing bracelet: It works on clearing disease energy from Chakras, destroys past karma to strengthens the mind. It gives relief from throat and lung related ailments and gives health and self empowerment.

Throat chakra essential oil: It is to be applied and massaged on throat or upper lungs area to heal ailments related to throat and improve respiratory system.

Hanuman and Mahanrityunjaya Yantras: They carry the divine blessings of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva and help overcome fear of diseases and provide protection from diseases. They are best carried in pocket or placed in altar on work desk.

Natural Yellow Sapphire pendant (5-6 carat): This pendant made of natural yellow sapphire from Ceylon is worn for therapeutic purposes. Enhanced with planetary herbs and mantra, it is highly effective in healing diseases of the throat and lungs. The gemstone is 100% natural and untreated and of medium quality.

108 herbs Dhoop cone: Made of 108 healing herbs, the fumes of Dhoop help strengthen your body especially respiratory system. Best used for fumigating your house twice a day.

21 minute all Chakra mantra meditation code: Play this all 7 chakra beeja meditation music twice a day by scanning the code. It has very calming and soothing effect on the mind and emotions and cleanses the chakras.

Earthen 9 Pyramid Plate: Place this pyramid near the entrance of house to create a force field around house for protection from diseases and negative energies.

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